Travel the World

Selected Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Global Lounge.


What is Travel the World?

Travel the World invites you to immerse yourself in different countries and cultures as student and staff volunteers share insightful stories and experiences from across the globe. Be inspired to plan future adventures, and enjoy hearing from members of the University as they share personal insights and tips! A presentation will be followed by a question and answer session where attendees can ask our speakers questions about their chosen location.

  ► Revisit previous destinations by watching our recorded sessions 

How do I get involved?

Would you like to share your knowledge of a particular place or travel destination? There are many benefits to becoming a volunteer:

  • One-time commitment

  • Brush up on your presentation skills

  • Gain public speaking experience

  • Improve your confidence and articulacy

  • Receive support and guidance with your presentation from the Global Lounge team

  • Hours go towards the Bristol PLUS Award

Sessions can range from a specific place to something a bit broader, for example a region of a country or travel experience, such as inter-railing across Europe or travelling through South East Asia. We are keen to provide a varied series that covers many subjects, so please get in touch with your suggestions. Whether you’d like to share your experiences and knowledge of a town, city, county, country or region – we want to hear from you!

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Alternatively, you can visit our Get Involved page for other volunteering opportunities.

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