Get involved

Whether you’re looking for volunteering experience, or have an idea for an event, there are many ways in which you can get involved with the Global Lounge (and volunteer hours count towards your Bristol PLUS Award!):


The Global Lounge has plenty of volunteering opportunities that will allow you to build on your transferable skills, increase your intercultural awareness and meet new people. Volunteering at Global Lounge events will improve your skills in a range of different areas, from public speaking and presenting, to building on your team-work, language, and communication skills.

Organise an event

We collaborate with Bristol SU, student societies and individuals across the University to run diverse and varied events programmes which are open to all who study and work here. Previously we’ve held events including Day of the Dead, Afrocentrik, Thanksgiving, Open Iftar – and are always open to new suggestions. If you’d like to organise an event with us, simply drop us an email. We come highly recommended!

‘It is always a pleasure working with the Global Lounge team: stress-free, organised, great communication! I loved the decorations, ambience, and the food! It was a lovely event- thank you!’ Blake Makuuchi, BSc Criminology (Thanksgiving).

‘The team are really, really helpful and go out of their way to make sure you have everything you need. They’ve made our entire journey really comfortable,’ Deepa Lakshi, MA Law alumna (A Glimpse into the World of Indian Dance).

Get published

If you’d like to hone your writing, photography and/or filming skills, then we have lots of opportunities for you to take advantage of; from blog submissions and social media to photography and video. Find out more on our ‘Digital opportunities’ page.