Welcome to the Global Lounge


Relax and meet new people

Our colourful and comfortable Lounge is open to all students and staff at the University. Help yourself to limitless free tea and coffee and enjoy our relaxing music in the background – sure you give you those cultured café vibes! You’ll always find a smiley and friendly person here, ready to greet you; the Global Lounge team and/or Ambassadors are also on stand by to help you in any way they can, should you need it.

Learn in the Lounge

Our weekly events held in the Global Lounge – Language Café, Travel the World and Think Global – give you the opportunity to meet new people, challenge your global awareness and increase your interactions with people outside of your normal social bubbles. Not only will you get to know other people and learn about their cultures, but you’ll learn something about yourself in the process; it’s cliché, but true!

Join in with cultural events

As well as a place to relax and meet others, the Global Lounge is host to a vast range of social events and cultural celebrations, running throughout the year, bringing students together from the UK and all over the world, to socialise, celebrate global festivities, and share and learn about others’ cultures and traditions in a friendly and inclusive environment.

Some of these events will be held in the Lounge – however we also work with Bristol SU to host some of our larger scale events; such as past events Day of the Dead, Global Carnival, Afrocentrik and many more! Check out our blog to find out more 🙂