Meet the team

Ola Drummond – Global Lounge Manager

Welcome to our Meet the Team page! My name is Ola and I have the privilege to lead the team of amazing people here at the Global Lounge. I joined Bristol in 2018 with a mission to develop this brand new initiative and bring the Global Lounge to campus, working alongside various teams and project managers. I am extremely excited that the Global Lounge is about to open in September 2021! My main role is strategic – looking forward to future, setting our direction and ensuring that we engage with a wide range of fantastic students and staff from diverse backgrounds, bringing them all together to build a global Bristol community.

I am originally from Poland, however I have lived in England for 13 years now, first in Brighton then in Nottingham. Prior to that, I studied in Poland, Scotland and Italy, where I met amazing people, and know first hand that studying abroad and travelling helps you make amazing  friendships and learn about other cultures, which I am passionate about. Outside of work I enjoy hiking in the mountains and travelling, whenever possible. My more stationary hobbies include different crafts (wood burning and pottery are my latest favourites), cooking world cuisines and listening to/watching live music in the incredible Bristol scene.

Rokas Buciunas – Global Lounge Operations Coordinator

Photo of Rokas BuciunasHello, I’m Rokas! I help students and staff organise cultural and community building events, such as Diwali, Day of the Dead, Language Cafe , Travel the World, and many more! I’m passionate about empowering people from around the globe to share stories about their cultural identities. Feel free to get in touch with me at if you wish to share your culture with the rest of the University community.

Before settling in Bristol, I lived in Lithuania, Spain, Canada, Nicaragua, and Sierra Leone. My nomadic life style has inspired me to never stop learing about the world. When I’m not at work, I can be found roller skating, dancing and dabbling in massage therapy.

Lizzie Feltham – Global Lounge Marketing and Communications Officer

Hi, I’m Lizzie! My main role within the Global Lounge is to promote all of our events and activities to the wider University. I look after our website and create online and offline materials for the Global Lounge, such as social media posts, newsletter content, promotional videos and posters. You may see me during in-person events walking around filming and taking photographs!

I’ve always loved Bristol, and after completing a work experience placement and 3-month internship here I knew it was somewhere I’d like to live in the future. I absolutely love travelling and before moving here I lived and worked in Australia and Thailand, and have backpacked around South East Asia – which led to my passion for Asian culture and cuisine! In my spare time I enjoy reading, drawing, watching films, seeing live music and am usually outdoors at the weekends (with a nice coffee in hand) !

Elena Duckworth – Global Lounge Assistant

Elena here, thanks for stopping by! As the Global Lounge Assistant (for our cultural activities), I support our events programme over term-time and the welcome periods, as well as running logistics for services like UoB Airport Transfers and the Bank Letter Auto System. I also lead on certain events, such as our weekly in-person Language Café and virtual events like online campus tours. I’ve previously worked in art, graphic design, events, and fundraising for other non-profits, and catering (including a stint in a London Wetherspoons).

As an Anglo-Brazilian, I lived, studied, and worked in both London and Rio de Janeiro before completing a BA and MSc at Bristol University. Having stayed here ever since, I’m pretty well-acquainted with the student side of the City. I enjoy participating in community action; learning more about the diversity and likenesses of our world (particularly through a decolonial lens); digital and traditional painting; (rather amateur) PC gaming; crosswords (though I haven’t quite graduated to cryptics); and going dancing in Bristol.

Janet Paiocchi – Global Lounge Trainee

Hi folks, I’m Janet. I’m originally from London but have lived in Bristol for several years now and almost know it like the back of my hand. I have worked in hospitality for almost twelve years, doing everything ranging from being a barista to working silver service on all levels. I take complete pride in what I do and know most of the best places to visit because of it. I consider myself a social butterfly and very much a people-person, which has really helped me.

A bit about myself, I spend all my free time and pennies on art and music, have travelled far and wide to see artists perform and am partial to a good record find. I also paint oil portraits in my spare time when I find the oomph and inspiration to do so. I consider myself quite creative so thrive within a likeminded environment. I am also an avid lover of cats and dogs and volunteer several times a week walking some, so you’ll probably catch me around the city with my most regular one no doubt.

Nana Agyare – Global Lounge Assistant

Hi everyone, my name is Nana and I’m a Global Lounge Assistant. I recently graduated from the University of Bristol in Physiology – however during my course I realised that science is not for me! During my degree, my summer job was at schools which bring teenagers from Europe to the UK to learn English and experience British culture, which is when I accidentally began international student work experience! After graduation, I worked in nurseries and schools and then came to work for the Student Inclusion Team at the University as one of their Graduate Interns, working specifically with BAME and international students.

To unwind, I really enjoy walking around Bristol’s green spaces and doing yoga. I hope to do lots of travelling in the future and experience different cultures first-hand.

Jacqueline Conradie-Faul – Global Lounge Coordinator (International)

Hello, I am Jacqueline! And I very much look forward to meeting you in-person or on-line. The Global Lounge is a fantastic place of discovery and exploration with creativity at the heart of all we do. I am passionate about the concept of: ‘We are all international!’ and I do believe that we each have a unique contribution to make as we share our cultural heritage with one another. In my role it is my privilege to welcome all international students to Bristol, and to offer support as we build an inclusive community together.

I am originally from South Africa, have lived in Germany for 4 years, spent extended times in Finland and China, and have travelled to 25+ countries, before moving to Bristol in 2005. I have been a part of the University of Bristol community since 2009. I participate in various art shows, enjoy doing interior design, love visiting with friends, taking relaxing country-side walks and going to coffee shops whenever possible.

Charlotte Hay – Global Lounge Marketing and Communications Assistant

Charlotte hay photographHi all, I’m Charlotte. As the Global Lounge Marketing and Communications Assistant, I help to promote all the wonderful events we host. As well as creating all sorts of content, from social media posts to videos, graphics and posters, I upload lots of useful information to the website so you can find out what we are up to.

Originally growing up in London, and having spent a year living abroad in the USA, I decided to make Bristol my home because it has such a thriving arts and cultural scene. I love being creative and I run my own ecommerce business, where I design and sell homewares. Previously I’ve worked in marketing and videography for lots of different organisations. At the weekend I love to visit new places in Bristol, upcycle second hand furniture, read, draw, go to exhibitions and explore the beautiful countryside around the city.