Happy Thanksgiving

A colourful and festive celebration was enjoyed by all in attendance at this year’s Thanksgiving event, with fantastic food, activities and a presentation giving insight into the history of this annual holiday.

Organised by Bristol SU’s USA Society, the sold out event started with a presentation by Founder and President, Blake Makuuchi, about the history of Thanksgiving, how it’s celebrated and what it means to those who participate each year.

Hearing about how meaningful this holiday is to those who celebrate, gave attendees an authentic insight into part of the US culture, and Blake’s presentation touched on the personal importance of the holiday – from Friendsgiving, to calls with loved ones on the day when away from family.

‘I enjoyed speaking to students who attended and being part of an event which people were clearly enjoying. I also liked that there was an element of education / learning about the cultural significance of the event,’ Sarah Price, staff member.

Afterwards, attendees got to enjoy a sit down dinner of turkey and stuffing, along with a vegan option, with roasted sweet potatoes, vegetables and stuffing, and pumpkin pie for dessert – which was certainly a highlight for everyone!

After dinner guests could enjoy activities like ‘match the football logo to the American football team’, adding what they’re thankful for to the ‘Thanks recognition wall’ and also making use of the photo opp wall with friends.

‘I enjoyed the food and the activities (especially the American football game). It was a great place to hang out and celebrate Thanksgiving with my friends, especially as I will not be able to attend Thanksgiving this year with my family,’ Emile Brunet, Undergraduate student.

Many attendees stayed until the end of the event, and the Global Lounge was very pleased to host another successful Thanksgiving led by the USA Society.

‘It is always a pleasure working with the Global Lounge team: stress-free, organised, great communication! I loved the decorations, ambience and the food. It was a lovely event!’ Blake Makuuchi, Undergraduate student and USA Society President

Thanks to everyone who came and a very happy Thanksgiving to you!

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