Become a Global Lounge Friday Hangout Volunteer

Volunteering Opportunity

Could you find some time in your diary to make friends and help others meet new people? If yes, this opportunity is for you!

The Global Lounge are launching a new programme of ‘Global Lounge Friday Hangouts’ which will be shaped by our students and volunteers.


Every Friday 3pm – 4pm, from 23 February to 7 June (no session on 29 March)

What is it?

We are encouraging students, who may or may not know one another, to come together – chill out, chat, play games, play guitar, knit, share crafts from their culture, make weekend plans, and more! The idea is, you don’t need to know anyone, this is a friendly environment where everyone comes together at the same time with other students to make new friends.

Why we need your help

Although this session will run by itself as people come together, we are looking for 4-5 volunteers who will take charge on the day, and make sure that everyone who joins feels welcome. Sounds like you? Then keep reading…

Volunteer responsibilities

  • When scheduled – plan what activity or conversation subjects you would like to engage others in for the session.
  • Turn up 20 minutes early to meet other volunteers and quickly chat about ideas for the session – there can be multiple activities or chats running, just make a plan of what everyone is doing (arrival time: 2:40 pm).
  • Familiarise yourself with training resources provided by the Global Lounge.
  • Move furniture if needed.
  • Welcome everyone coming in for the session, offer them a hot drink and biscuit, and keep a list of students who have attended.
  • Run planned activities and connect students with one another.
  • Ensure that no one is sat by themselves, unless they want to just be around people but not necessarily engage.
  • Thank everyone for coming, tidy up the space, ensure all mugs are back in the kitchenette and furniture is back to default position (end time – 4:10 pm).
  • If no one else turns up, volunteers can use their ideas in their own group, and use the time to meet new people.
  • Send feedback to the Global Lounge (email/form) on how the session went, suggest ideas of how to improve future sessions.

Benefits for volunteers

  • Volunteering time will count towards Bristol PLUS Award.
  • Gain confidence as a leader.
  • Experience running an event/loosely structured session.
  • Teamwork and team building.
  • Taking part in shaping a programme which brings people together.
  • Practising interpersonal, intercultural and communication skills.
  • Meeting people from different backgrounds, different levels of study, different disciplines.
  • Deepening the sense of belonging with the University community.

Sounds great! How do I apply?

Apply via this form

Application deadline 8 April 11.59 pm. Once you’ve applied, we will schedule you for selected Friday/s you are available between 26 April – 17 May.