Highlights from Nowruz – Celebrate and Learn

What a great time we had at our first ever Nowruz celebration in the Lounge on 21 March! Nowruz is the traditional Persian New year Celebration, celebrated by more than 300 million people all around the world.

Our event brought the University community together to learn about fascinating Nowruz traditions, share traditional food and enjoy activities including egg decorating.

A crowd of people chat and paint small eggs in the Global Lounge

Bristol SU’s Persian Society played a crucial role in organising the event. Society President Niki Tahouri reflected:

The traditional food we all tried was absolutely delicious, but the real star of the show proved to be the egg painting, with a constant crowd waiting to get their hands on the little wooden eggs to create a mini masterpiece!

Also, as the event warmed up, we managed to get everyone dancing to some Persian pop songs, with the society members sharing their immense dance skills with all the attendees.

The Global Lounge team were incredible to work with and made our special Nowruz celebration better than we could have imagined! It was great to see so many people attending and sharing this exciting day, filled with great food, dancing, and culture, and I really hope we can collaborate with the Lounge more in the future.

In particular, we at the Persian Society would like to thank Alex, Elena, Nasim, and Ola for their great help and support for this event!   


Explore more photos below:

Attendees take photos in front of customised backdrop and balloons.
There were some great photo opportunities.



A selection of items laid out on table, candlesticks, mirror, flowers and a book.
A beautiful traditional arrangement.
5 people pose for a photograph in front of traditional objects on a table
There were plenty of laughs.
Food laid out on table
We served some delicious food on the day, here’s just a selection.
People laugh together and paint wooden eggs
Wooden egg-painting proved popular.
People decorate wooden eggs
More people enjoy egg decorating.
Three people chat
Attendees had the chance to socialise at the event.
People play board games.
There was also the opportunity to play some traditional games.
People photograph the Nowruz decorations.
We adorned the Lounge with beautiful traditional decorations, which proved a hit with attendees!

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