An introduction to British culture – online workshop

Equip yourself for a global future.

‘An introduction to British culture’ is an interactive, virtual workshop brought to you by Student Inclusion and Kynfolk, for all students, home and international; students from the UK will have the opportunity to explore their own intercultural skills during the session, and can offer personal insights into British life , if they wish to. (more…)

Global skills for employment – virtual workshop

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Develop skills to equip you for the world of work!

Join us Thursday lunchtime for a free interactive workshop facilitated by Kynfolk, an intercultural training consultancy. There will be no breakout rooms and you can attend with your video off – so feel free to bring your lunch!

In this session our fantastic trainer Jo will help you to recognise the importance of being interculturally literate in preparation for the work place. The training aims to deepen your understanding of the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to be interculturally competent, and to help you think about how you can improve your ability to work across cultures while you are a student at the University.

We’ll look at the performance of global leaders and companies on the world stage, and also reflect on your own personal development.

Attendance of this webinar counts towards your Bristol PLUS Award.