Weird British Festivals with tea and cake in the Global Lounge

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In collaboration with the Student Inclusion Team, the Global Lounge is proud to host an event about unusual British traditions! Find out some fun facts about UK culture including cheeserolling – just one of the many quirky festivals that we’ll be taking a look at. 


People chase cheese down hillOur Student Inclusion Officer, Carly, grew up in a city called Gloucester, which proudly hosts a yearly cheeserolling competition. During this fun and friendly event we’ll be watching a 30-minute Netflix documentary all about cheeserolling, featuring some brave cheese chasers! We’ll also take a look at lots of other strange British traditions, some of which even UK students may not have heard of.

Afterwards we will be holding a Q and A, where you can ask questions about the more surprising events you might come across here in the UK.

There will be free tea and cake, and all University of Bristol students (home and international) are welcome.

Photo Credit: Getty Images 2005