Student life webinars

During our fun, insightful webinar series, our students from 2022 share their personal experiences of living and studying in the vibrant city of Bristol.

You’ll get top tips on everything, from the best study spaces, student discounts and getting around the city, to shopping hotspots and the best places to eat out. Our webinars provide a fantastic introduction to student life! Don’t have access to Vimeo? We’ve also added the webinars to the video hosting platform YouKu.

Webinar series:

Webinar 1 – Student life

Pick up tips on how to meet new people and hear from fellow students as they bust the most common myths about the university experience! Learn from current students about how to prepare for your studies, as well as receiving advice on ways in which you can make friends in your new home.

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Webinar 2 – Explore the city of Bristol

Experience Bristol from the comfort of your own home! Discover famous landmarks, popular destinations, and hear from current students about how to make the most of living in this lively, historical city.

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Webinar 3 – Eat and shop in Bristol

Hop aboard this virtual tour of Bristolian food and shopping culture. Not only will your mouth be watering, you’ll also learn how to become a savvy shopper with student discounts from local and chain stores. As well as tips on where to eat and shop, you’ll get to hear about typical eating culture in the UK.

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Webinar 4 – Living in the UK

Begin to understand British culture and all its quirks and learn about academic practices during this insightful session. You’ll discover how to navigate your way through stereotypes about the UK, and most importantly, discuss practical ideas of how to immerse yourself in a brand new culture.

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Webinar 5 – Travel in Bristol and beyond

Learn how to move around Bristol hassle-free, as we help you make sense of public transport in the city. If you’re an explorer who loves travelling, this session is for you! Discover how to travel across the country easily and cheaply, while finding out about popular travel destinations within easy reach of Bristol.

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Watch on YouKu

All of our student life webinars are available on Youku, you can watch the full series using the links below:

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