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Student life: Pictionary social, 26 July

Monday 26 July at 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

If you like the idea of meeting new people whilst doing an activity, the Pictionary Social is for you. Join us for an hour of digital fun, where you’ll be allocated into a small group with other current and prospective students for some friendly, low-pressure gameplay.

We’ll be playing an online version of Pictionary – a British favourite – where players earn points by correctly guessing what otherare drawing. While it is technically a drawing-based game, the real fun lies in how badly some of the drawings come out, so don’t worry if you’re not artistically gifted — it might even make your round funnier and harder for other people to guess!

If you’ve never played Pictionary before don’t let that put you off. It’s very  easy to pick up and we will explain everything at the start of each event.

Additional info: 

  • We recommend playing on a laptop or personal device which allows you to split your screen between two windows
  • You will need to access a browser, as well as Zoom (browser or desktop version)
  • Some players find it easier to play with a computer mouse rather than a touchpad, but this isn’t necessary

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